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Prevent car theft with 5 tips from Amica

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08/2/2019 Lincoln, R.I.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a car is reported stolen in the US every 41 seconds. That’s why Amica Insurance is offering some tips to help prevent car theft.

  1. Park in safe places
    Park in well-lit, high-trafficked areas close to building entrances or parking lot security cameras. Car thieves don’t want to bring attention to themselves or commit their crimes when there are witnesses or cameras to catch them in the act. When parking in a garage, try to park as close as possible to the parking attendant or video surveillance system. And take extra precautions when parking at night.
  2. Close the windows, lock the doors and take the keys with you
    The National Insurance Crime Bureau reports one in eight cars are stolen because keys are left inside the car. Take your keys with you when exiting your vehicle. Also, thieves look for easy opportunities. By reaching into an open window, a thief can steal whatever’s in reach or unlock a door to gain access to your car and everything in it. So be sure to close all windows.
  3. Don’t keep valuables in your vehicle
    One way to get a thief’s attention is to leave personal items in your car (Even loose change is often enough for thieves to break in.) If you have anything of value in your car, place it in your trunk or somewhere out of sight.
  4. Never leave your car running
    While it may be tempting to leave your car running to go back into your house or to do a quick errand, doing so not only invites theft, it’s also illegal in some states.
  5. Invest in a GPS tracking system
    You may want to consider installing a satellite-based, Global Positioning System (GPS) system. Through the connected computer software or app, the GPS tracker can immediately find where your car is located. If your car is ever stolen, this can help police recover it.

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