Account and Technical Help

Creating an Online Account

Creating an Online Account

To log in to you will need to create an online account. Here is an overview of the process:

1. Account Verification

  • Click on the Create account link from the home page or login page.
  • Enter your account information including a policy or account number.
  • Verify your identity.

2. Login Information

  • Create a username and password to access your online account.

3. Security Information

  • Select and answer three security questions that will be used when we need to verify your identity.

4. Primary Email

  • We will collect a primary email address to send you online payment confirmations and notify you of changes to your online account information. If you’re signed up for e-bill or e-policy, we’ll email you when you have a new bill or new policy document available.

I'm Having Trouble Creating an Online Account

If you're having trouble creating an online account, check to see if you're entering the correct policy or account number. This information can be found on your billing statement. The information you enter must match what we have on file. If you need assistance, call us at 800-242-6422.

Password Tips

Choosing a strong password can help you to protect your account. You can combine letters, numbers and symbols to make your password secure. We recommend that you do not include personal information, important dates or other information that is easily obtained about you. Be sure to choose something creative, but also something you can easily remember.

How do I change my security questions?

To change your security questions, log in and select the Your Profile link from the Account Home page. On the Your Profile page under Login Settings, click the Edit link next to Security Questions, which will take you to the page where you can edit your security questions.