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Umbrella Insurance

Your safety net for the unexpected, costly events

What is umbrella insurance?

Umbrella insurance provides you with additional liability coverage for unexpected and costly events. It’s extra protection beyond what your auto or home insurance policy already covers or – in some events – coverage for the gaps where your auto or home policy doesn’t.

Think of umbrella insurance coverage like the portable charger for your phone. You may carry the charger daily and never need it. But when your phone dies in an emergency, you’ll be glad you have it to back up your battery. That’s what personal umbrella insurance can do to protect you and your assets if a situation arises.

What does umbrella insurance cover?

Personal umbrella insurance helps you stay protected and covered in unexpected situations like:

  • A guest is seriously injured at your home
  • Your teen driver causes a severe crash
  • Someone is bitten by your dog
  • Major claims or lawsuits
  • Damage you cause in a car accident while driving in another country
  • Defending you if you’re accused of libel, slander and defamation of character

How does umbrella insurance work?

Let’s say you were found at fault in a distracted driver car accident with $750,000 in injuries, but your auto policy only covers $500,000 in liability. Your personal umbrella insurance would then cover the remaining $250,000 – keeping you and your savings safe from paying the costly gap after your auto policy. Our umbrella insurance coverage will give you peace of mind and security during the times you need it most.1

Benefits of umbrella insurance coverage

Watch this video to learn more about the benefits of umbrella insurance coverage.

Who needs umbrella insurance?

You never know when an unexpected accident could end up becoming a financial disaster for you and your family. Do you have a dog? A pool? Maybe a playset for your kids? Own multiple properties? The risks are nearly endless, and defending yourself in court can be very expensive. You can’t afford not to be protected.

How do I get umbrella insurance?

We can help you determine the amount of umbrella insurance coverage that best fits your needs and budget. For about a dollar a day, you can add $1 million of personal umbrella insurance coverage. You could save up to 30% when you bundle your auto, home, umbrella and life policies.2

Call our representatives today to get an umbrella insurance quote and sleep well knowing you’re protected for the unexpected.

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1 This product is not available in AK and HI.
2 Discount may not be available in all states.