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What Amica offers

Amica offers two types of homeowners insurance policies – HO3 and HO5. No matter which policy you choose, we’ll help you customize your policy to make sure you have the coverages you need to have peace of mind.

Standard Choice HO3

  • Your home
  • Other structures
  • Personal property
  • Temporary living expenses
  • Expenses if you're responsible for injuring someone or damaging their property

Platinum Choice HO5

Everything that's covered on an HO3 and:

  • Built-in replacement cost coverage up to 130%
  • Broader coverage for damage to your personal property
  • Replacement cost coverage on your personal property
  • Coverage for damage caused by water backup or sump pump overflow
  • Increased limits for personal liability and medical payments, theft of jewelry, unauthorized use of credit cards

5 reasons Amica’s home insurance gives you peace of mind

  1. We offer extended coverage options for your dwelling (also known as Coverage A) if a loss exceeds 100% of your replacement cost.
  2. We offer a variety of endorsements and additional coverages to help give you the exact coverage you need.
  3. When you have your home, auto and other lines of insurance with Amica, you can get bundling discounts1 and have the ease of managing your account with award-winning customer service.1
  4. Form a lasting relationship – just like the 98% of customers who have auto, home and umbrella insurance and stay with Amica year after year.2
  5. Amica’s home insureds have access to Contractor Connection , our exclusive service for policyholders to help you find licensed contractors that warranty their work for five years for home repairs.

What are the coverages on a homeowners insurance policy?

  • Coverage A – Dwelling: This covers damage to your home and structures attached to it.
  • Coverage B – Other Structures: This covers damage to other structures on the property that are set apart from the dwelling, such as a shed or a detached garage. It may also include structures connected to a dwelling by only a fence, utility line or similar construction.
  • Coverage C – Personal Property: This covers your belongings, such as your furniture, clothing and electronics.
  • Coverage D – Loss of Use: This covers your temporary living expenses when a covered loss makes your home unfit to live in.
  • Coverage E – Liability: This covers damage or injury to another person or their property that you’re liable for. It also covers legal assistance for claims made against you.
  • Coverage F – Medical Payments: This coverage can pay for medical bills for people who are accidentally hurt on your property, not including members of your household.

Each of these coverages are subject to a policy limit, which is specified on your Declarations Page. There are a variety of endorsements and additional coverages that can be added to suit your coverage needs.

What causes of loss are covered on a homeowners insurance policy?

Incidents covered by your homeowners insurance depend on which type of policy you have. The two main types of homeowners policies for a standard single-family home are an HO3 and an HO5. The primary difference between these two policies is an HO5 provides broader coverage for your personal property. For more details on the differences between an HO3 and HO5 policy, visit our Home Insurance Coverages page.

Categories Coverages A and B – Dwelling and Other Structures Coverage C – Personal Property
HO3 – Standard Choice Open Perils Named Perils
HO5 – Platinum Choice Open Perils Open Perils

Peril is another name for “cause of loss.” So, having open perils means all causes of loss are covered unless they are explicitly excluded in the policy. Named perils means that the 16 named perils in the policy are the only causes of loss that are covered.

Oregon-specific information

Wildfire is a peril that’s used in rating homeowners policies in Oregon. To learn more about wildfire risk classification and the impact on your policy, visit our Wildfire Risk Information page.

What isn’t covered on a typical homeowners insurance policy?

Home insurance policies don’t cover flooding. Even if you don’t live in an area prone to flooding, a flood insurance policy may come in handy. To learn more about flood insurance and if it’s right for you, visit our flood insurance information page.

Exactly what is and isn’t covered on your homeowners insurance depends on what policy type and endorsements you have. There are specific limits of coverage for loss by theft of jewelry, firearms and silverware, as well as for damage to business property and portable electronic equipment. It’s important to know the limits of your policy to make sure you don’t find yourself not having enough coverage. Most of these limits can be increased from the standard amounts. Amica’s representatives are happy to discuss any policy limits to make sure you have the coverage you need.

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This product is not available in AK and HI.
1 Discounts not available in all states and may vary. Click here to learn about hurricane mitigation discounts in Florida.
2 As of Dec. 31, 2022, for Amica auto, home and umbrella policyholders.