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Identity Fraud Expense Coverage

According to the Federal Trade Commission, nearly 10 million Americans fall victim to identity theft each year. Recent reports reveal that one in 10 Americans have had their identities stolen at some point in their life.

Some important facts for you to know1:

  • Identity theft occurs every 3 seconds, with more than 8 million victims last year.
  • The cost of identity theft to U.S. businesses is estimated to be more than $50 billion a year.
  • Nearly 2 million American households a year have their bank accounts, credit cards or debit cards compromised.
  • The average amount stolen from each American consumer amounts to nearly $5,000.
  • Average consumer out-of-pocket cost for victims of identity theft can range from $850 to nearly $1,500.
  • It can often take identity theft victims 12 to 24 months to remove negative information from their credit reports.

How Can Amica Help?

Amica's Identity Fraud Expense Coverage provides you with an Identity Theft Resolution expert who will help you to quickly and efficiently restore your identity. In addition, you will have up to $15,000 to cover the expenses associated with resolving the damage caused by this serious crime.

Here are some of the key features of Amica's Identity Fraud Expense Coverage:

  • $15,000 for resolving identity theft problems, with a $500 deductible per claim2
  • Unlimited access for you and your family to a resolution expert via a toll-free number
  • Expert assistance in handling all documentation and phone calls needed to resolve your case
  • Systematic notification to credit bureaus, creditors, collection agencies, government agencies, and all relevant parties
  • Assistance filing a police report, completing a fraud victim affidavit, and creating a comprehensive case file for investigative and claims handling purposes
  • One year of credit monitoring and fraud monitoring for victims
  • Proactive assistance for victims of wallet and handbag theft
  • Up-to-date information and educational resources on how to protect yourself against identity theft crime

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All it takes is one phone call to add this coverage to your current homeowners, condo, or renters policy. Call 800-242-6422 today or contact us​ to make sure you have the help you need in the event of identity theft.

Learn More About Identity Theft

Amica believes the best way to safeguard you and your family from identity thieves is to increase awareness of this growing crime. To learn more about protecting your identity, the latest scams and helpful resources on identity theft, visit Amica's Identity Theft Information Center.

Federal Trade Commission 2011 compliant data; Javelin Strategy & Research 2011

Some states require a $250 deductible. Contact an Amica representative for more information.