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Six-Month Auto Policy FAQs

Amica is in the process of transitioning from a 12-month to a six-month auto policy term in most states.1 To help you better understand this transition, we’ve answered some of the most common questions about the change. 

Questions asked by auto customers who are transitioning to a six-month policy

Amica is focused on maintaining financial stability and offering the most competitive rates possible in each market. A shorter policy term allows us to respond more quickly to changing market conditions and helps ensure we’re providing you with the best coverage at the fairest price.

Rate revisions will now happen every six months instead of every 12 months. This means that if any rating factors are changing in a way that will cause your premium to decrease, you can start saving money sooner. Additionally, because the total cost of a six-month policy is lower, it’s easier for customers to qualify for our paid-in-full discount.

The transition to a six-month policy term itself will have no effect on your premium.

You can either pay your policy premium in six monthly installments or pay it in full at the start of the policy period. You’ll save money with the full payment plan by receiving our paid-in-full discount!2

This policy term change will only affect your auto, motorcycle, motorhome, trailer and golf cart policies.1 Your homeowners, dwelling fire, marine and umbrella policies will remain effective for a 12-month term.

This change doesn’t apply to all states.1 If your other auto policy is expected to be affected by this change, we’ll notify you promptly.

This change won’t affect your current discounts or surcharges. In most cases, you’ll only need to send us documentation once a year.

We’ll continue to offer dividends in states where dividend policies are available. You can expect to receive your dividend check at the end of your policy term, so instead of receiving your check annually, you’ll receive it every six months. 

No. If your auto policy was transitioned to a six-month policy term, it’s not possible to keep a 12-month term.

1 Transitioning from 12-month to six-month policy terms countrywide is subject to individual state approval. Due to state regulations, the six-month policy term will not available in MA, and will be only available for newly written policies in LA.

2 The paid-in-full discount is not available in all states, and is subject to eligibility.