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Amica's New Advertising Campaign Emphasizes Empathy

02/01/2024 LINCOLN, RI

Amica Insurance’s new advertising campaign highlights how empathy and human connection are integral in a world that’s increasingly becoming more digital.

Created in partnership with Mother New York, the campaign is the first expansion of the brand platform Amica introduced last year, “Empathy is our best policy™.”

The 90-second hero film, directed by Diego Contreras of Love Song, shows a series of relatable stories that reflect the busy, and very connected, state of today’s world: people engrossed in their phones, distracted by the computer at the kitchen table or completing basic transactions without interpersonal communication. Then comes a dramatic pivot that emphasizes moments when a genuine connection with another person is what we really need.

Tory Pachis, SVP, Marketing & Communications, Amica Insurance: “In our line of business, we often interact with customers at key moments in their lives – moments when life is changing or when something has gone wrong and help is needed. This campaign uniquely positions Amica in the insurance category as a provider who understands and values human relationships. It’s an insurance ad, but it’s also a call for all of us to be more empathetic and human with each other. We hope the message resonates with consumers – and that it signifies the personal, attentive service Amica provides.”

Media by Mother developed the media plan to maintain the campaign's intended impact across various placements or channels. The 15-second, product-specific spots also focus on the importance of key life moments that often prompt insurance conversations. Paid social (Meta, Pinterest, and NextDoor) and display assets were created to further communicate Amica’s value, including testimonials from real people about their experience with the insurer.

Additionally, there are five Amica-related Easter eggs placed across the various ads, which the company hopes will inspire some creative interaction with its loyal customer base on social media.

Gustavo Dorietto, Executive Creative Director, Mother New York: “This campaign makes you look at the world around you and think about what matters most. A little empathy goes a long way to make the world a better place, and that’s how Amica distinguishes itself in the category.”

About Amica Insurance

Amica is the longest-standing mutual insurer of automobiles in the U.S. A direct writer, Amica also offers home, life, marine and umbrella insurance, as well as annuities. 

Founded on principles of outstanding service, Amica creates peace of mind and builds enduring relationships with its customers. That mission is shared and supported by thousands of employees across the country. Visit