Retirement Products

Non-Qualified Annuities

Our non-qualified annuity is a safe and flexible way to create a tax-deferred, lump sum of money for later use.

For peace of mind during retirement, you’ll want to ensure your future financial security.

  • If needed, you can withdraw money from your account at any time before retirement. Please note that withdrawals before age 59½ may incur a tax penalty.
  • You pay no sales charges, front-end loads or annual service fees.
  • You can earn a competitive current interest rate while your funds are professionally managed and invested in a carefully selected portfolio.

We offer two types to suit your needs.

Single Premium Deferred Annuity

  • Make contributions within the first year, with a minimum initial contribution of $5,000.
  • Use these tax-deferred funds later for lifelong distributions.

Flexible Premium Deferred Annuity

  • Offers the convenience of contributing as frequently as you want, within certain limits.
  • Allows you to accumulate tax-deferred funds for a long-term period.
  • Lets you open this annuity with a minimum contribution of $50.

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Not available in all states. Before purchase of an IRA, you should consult with a tax advisor to ensure that you have selected the best options for your retirement. Guaranteed returns are based on the claims-paying rating of your insurer. Fixed annuities are not insured or guaranteed by any agency that insures deposits.