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Auto and Glass Repair

How and when do I get my car repaired?

If the damage is minor, we’ll ask you to get an appraisal and send it to us for review. If the damage is more severe, we’ll assign an appraiser, who will inspect the car and send a copy of the appraisal to you and the repair shop of your choice. 

You can always choose your own repair shop. If you need help finding one, you can select one from our network through our Auto Repair Assistance Program (RAP).

What if more damage is found after the shop starts the repairs?

The shop will call the appraiser, who reinspects your car. If additional related damage is found, the appraiser will write a supplemental appraisal and we will issue an additional payment to you or directly to your repair shop.

If you’ve chosen one of the repair shops in our Repair Assistance Program (RAP), the shop will complete all repairs and we’ll issue payment.

What if I'm not satisfied with repairs to my car?

If you’re not satisfied with repairs completed by one of our Auto Repair Assistance Program (RAP) facilities, contact us immediately. Amica does not guarantee the work of a repair shop that is not part of our Auto Repair Assistance Program, so if you used a different repair shop, you’ll need to contact that shop directly.

How does Amica determine my car to be a total loss?

The method used to determine a total loss varies by state. Generally, we assess the car’s damages in relation to the actual cash value (ACV) of the car. If the damages exceed the car’s value, then it will most likely be considered a total loss. 

What happens if my car is totaled?

If your car is determined to be a total loss, your claim handler will determine the car's fair market value using methods approved by your state. We’ll pay you this amount, less any applicable deductible.

What happens if my car's windshield needs to be repaired or replaced?

Windshield damage is usually covered if you have comprehensive (other than collision) coverage. If your windshield can be repaired, we’ll waive any applicable deductible. If you need to replace the entire windshield, your deductible will apply. Glass coverage may vary by state.

Our partner Safelite provides glass repair and replacement services with online scheduling and an automatic exchange of your information via Amica. You can, however, always choose your own glass repair shop. If you need help finding one in your area, we can provide recommendations. Our Glass Program Manager offers qualified glass shops that warranty the replacement of damaged glass for as long as you own the car.

Vehicle Repair Shops

How do I choose a repair shop?

You can always choose your own repair shop. If you need help finding one in your area, we can provide recommendations. Amica's Auto Repair Assistance Program (RAP) includes more than 1,200 certified repair shops across the country that warranty claims-related repair work for as long as you own your car.

Find a participating auto repair shop near you, or call an Amica representative at  800–242–6422 to learn more.