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Life Insurance

Simply put, life insurance provides peace of mind.

It’ll help financially protect your loved ones when you’re no longer here and help them maintain financial stability and security. Your beneficiaries will receive payouts to help them cover funeral costs, unresolved debt, lost income or even daily expenses.

What’s most important is to find the right life insurance that offers the most support to those close to you. Amica has a variety of options that are customizable to best suit your specific needs.

In the end, life insurance is a practical and affordable way to provide security for the future of your family’s finances. Whether you’re young and starting a new family or entering retirement, it’s always the right time to think about investing in quality life insurance.

Keep in mind that coverage remains valid so long as the policy is still active and premiums are consistently paid.

Life insurance matters when you’re:

  • Starting your career
  • Getting married
  • Buying a home
  • Welcoming a child
  • Raising a family
  • Empty nesting
  • Retiring

Each phase may require different coverage plans. Learn more about your needs for every stage of life at the Amica Resource Center.

Life Insurance Cost Overview

How much coverage do I need?

Every individual’s situation is unique, and the amount of coverage you need will depend on the details of your life, as well as your beneficiaries. With this in mind, it’s possible to find an affordable life insurance policy that’ll provide financial support to those you care about after you pass away.

A good starting point when considering life insurance is to map out the financial details of your life and estimate what your beneficiaries would need to maintain financial security after you’re gone. Determining the correct balance between current and prospective financials will lead you to the best path when moving forward in purchasing life insurance.

Use our quote calculator to help find out how much coverage you and your family will need. Then, get your life insurance quotes online.

Learn more

Amica offers life insurance options that are customizable, and we can help you find a policy that’s suitable for your circumstances.

Term Life is popular due to its practicality – especially for those starting a new family. It’s a budget-friendly option that provides protection for a set period of time, making it convenient to tailor coverage toward your immediate needs. Learn more about Term Life insurance.

Whole Life insurance policies offer everlasting value. This option provides permanent coverage throughout the entirety of your life, as long as you pay the premiums. An advantage to this plan is it acquires cash value that can be borrowed against during your lifetime. Learn more about Whole Life insurance.

Top five reasons to choose Amica Life:

  1. Authentic: Receive personalized customer service you can rely on.
  2. Efficient: In addition to competitive life insurance rates, you may be eligible for up to a 10% discount on your Amica auto policy when you bundle with life.1
  3. Stable: Feel secure – Amica Life’s financial strength is rated A+ (Superior) by AM Best.2
  4. Empathetic: To help navigate the challenges bereavement can bring, we provide support and guidance for grieving families through the Empathy app.
  5. Convenient: You can apply online right after you get your free quote.3

Affordable life insurance

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Policy issues by Amica Life Insurance Company.
1 Coverage discount applied to Amica auto insurance policy. Coverage options and discounts not available in all states.
2 A+ (Superior) is the second highest of 13 company ratings. Ratings range from A++ (Superior) to D (Poor). AM Best's ratings measure an insurer’s financial strength.
3 Online application and quotes are not available in all states.

Guarantees are based on claims paying ability of Amica Life.
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