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Does Renters Insurance Cover Me on Vacation?

Vacation is a break from your everyday routine, but the unexpected can strike anywhere. Whether you’re staying at a Rocky Mountain cabin you found on a vacation rental site (VRBO, Airbnb) or traveling overseas, renters insurance can protect you and your valuables along the way.

Does renters insurance cover belongings I take on vacation?

If you’re like most people, you probably pack a smartphone, computer, camera and other valuables along with clothes and personal supplies when you travel. If someone breaks into where you’re staying and steals your laptop, or grabs your wallet on the street, don’t panic. Your renters insurance can usually replace personal property that’s stolen from a location other than your home.

And theft isn’t the only danger to your belongings while you’re on vacation. Maybe your clothes are damaged by smoke and water in a fire. This is another area where your renters insurance may help.

At the same time, be aware that standard renters policies tend to limit coverage for certain items. For example, the most your policy might pay for stolen jewelry is $1,500, no matter the total value of what’s taken. You usually must purchase scheduled property insurance to be fully reimbursed if anything happens.

Also remember that the personal property coverage in your renters policy generally doesn’t pay for damage from earthquakes and floods unless you buy that specific coverage. Losing your phone usually isn’t covered, either.

“Exactly what’s covered and for how much depends heavily on your insurance policy,” says Sarah Haberstroh, Senior Property Claims Supervisor at Amica. “If you have a named perils policy, you’ll be paid only if the loss was caused by a peril actually named in the policy, like theft, fire, wind and so on.

“Under an all-risk policy, anything that causes you loss or damage will trigger a payout, unless it’s specifically excluded. In some cases, you can add this extra protection through an endorsement.”

Contact your insurance provider before you leave home to make sure you have all of the protection you need.

Does renters insurance cover injuries at a vacation property?

Your renters insurance doesn’t cover your medical bills if you’re injured at a vacation rental home. If you find yourself in this situation, we recommend that you contact the owner. They should have coverage for when guests are hurt on their property.

Does my renters insurance reimburse me if I cancel my trip or delay it?

No. If you want to protect your financial investment in your vacation against cancelation or interruption, particularly while traveling overseas, you would need a separate travel insurance policy. With it, you can be reimbursed for travel costs, cancelation fees, meals and lodging for a delayed trip, and even emergency medical care (if you have to be airlifted off of a mountain after a hiking accident, for example).

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