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CCC Photo Appraisal App

Easily provide us with photos of your vehicle damage for a quick estimate

Download the app

Use our third-party vendor mobile app, CCC Photo Appraisal, to send us photos of your vehicle’s damage, so we can resolve your claim even faster. We’ll use your photos to virtually assess the damages to your vehicle, which can eliminate the need for an in-person appraisal.

Once you file your claim, and your claim meets the qualifications, you’ll receive a link via email or text to download the free app on your smartphone. After you download the app, log in, confirm your vehicle details and get ready to take your photos.

Take your photos

You’ll be instructed by the app on how to take a series of photos of the damage and your car, and you’ll also have the option to provide descriptions to each photo if you’d like. The photos will be sent directly to your claim handler and they’ll be automatically notified.

Get your estimate

Our desk appraiser will review your photos and write a repair estimate, if possible. While estimates are written the same way whether you use the CCC Photo Appraisal app or have your vehicle inspected in-person, use of the app can speed up the process so you receive payment sooner.

In some cases, our desk appraiser may determine that an in-person inspection is still needed to accurately appraise the damage to your vehicle.

Need to file a claim?

We’re here to help: Call us at 800-242-6422 or report your claim online.