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Amica Stories

Whether it’s a car accident, house fire or a natural disaster, Amica is always ready to help our customers and provide them with peace of mind. We’re available whenever and wherever we’re needed to offer assistance. Watch the videos below to learn more about how our employees go above and beyond for our customers.


Helping a family after a furnace fire

After a routine inspection, an Amica policyholder's furnace caught fire and almost destroyed her home. She shares her story and how Amica exceeded her expectations during the claims process.

Helping a family through the claims process

A family in Indianapolis, Ind., was just beginning their vacation when they got a devastating call - their house was on fire. Learn how their Amica claims adjuster helped them through the process.

Creating peace of mind for a family

On day two of a tornado outbreak across the southern U.S., a tornado passed through Greater Charlotte, N.C., and left homes heavily damaged. This is the story of one of the many families Amica helped

Finding hope after a catastrophe

When a series of tornadoes swept through Springfield, Mass., and the surrounding area, they caused millions of dollars in damage. An Amica policyholder shares her family’s story and claims experience.

Being there for you when you need us

Amica Insurance provides award-winning customer service every day. But don't take our word for it. Listen to what our customers have to say.