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Go Paperless

It's convenient and will save you money.*

Signing up for Paperless Preferences is an easy way to simplify and save.* With just a few clicks, you can choose to receive your policy and bill documents electronically. Once enrolled for both, you’ll qualify for a discount.* No more watching your mailbox for policy documents and statements. Securely access them at whenever it’s convenient.

Simplify and save!

Why paperless?
In today's busy world, you can clear your desk and your mind by reducing clutter – gaining more time for things you enjoy. Enroll in both e-policy and e-bill today to qualify for your e-discount.*

Convenient, secure online access 24/7
View your policy documents and bills online at your convenience from any smart device. Download and print documents anytime you need them.

It’s a choice you can feel good about
Going paperless helps the environment – so you know your choice has a positive impact.

Paperless in 3 Steps

  1. Log in to
  2. Go to Paperless Preferences under Your Profile
  3. Select email under e-policy and e-bill

*Discount may not be available in all states and does not apply to life policies. Life policies are billed separately and are only available by U.S. mail.