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Amica Mobile Apps - Frequent Questions

What operating systems do we currently support?

Amica’s mobile app for the Android works with operating system 5.0 or later. Amica’s mobile app for the iPhone works with operating system 8.0 or later.

Who can use the mobile app?

Anyone, as long as their smartphone is supported. Most features are available to everyone, but others, such as viewing basic policy information and claim status, were designed for Amica customers. You will first need to create an online account on to pay a bill or view your policy information.

Can I create an Amica online account in the mobile app?

No. You will need to visit to create your online account.

How do I download the mobile app?

From your computer: On, navigate to the page for your device (iPhone® or Android™) and click on the Download Now button. This will direct you to your device’s app store to complete the download process.

From your phone: Search for "Amica" in your device’s app store. Select the app and follow the instructions.

Does the app cost anything?

No. Amica's mobile app is free to download. Make sure you have an appropriate data plan since certain app features may download and transmit information wirelessly.

How will I know when updates are available for my version of the app?

You will be notified of updates when you visit your phone's app store. For some users, an update will appear as an alert when their phones are synced to their computers.

To find out what version of the app you have, select the Contact Us menu, then select About this application, which will display the version number and release date.

Can my information be recovered if I am locked out of the app or if I lose/damage my phone?

Unfortunately, there is no way for Amica to recover the information stored within the app if you are locked out of the app or lose/damage your phone. Amica suggests that you create a backup of information on your home computer if possible.

Can I change or add information to a claim submitted to Amica through the app?

Once a claim has been submitted to Amica, it cannot be edited and additional information cannot be added (including any photos, audio or video). You will need to speak to an Amica representative if you need to change or add information.

A claim handler will contact you within 24 hours of a submitted claim.

Can I pay my bill using the app?

Yes, but you will first need to create an online account on Through our Quick Pay feature on the mobile app, you can make same-day payments for your auto, home, marine, umbrella and life policies, as well as cancel these payments when they are still pending.

Can I view my policy information on the app?

Yes, but you will first need to create an online account on In most cases, basic auto, home, marine and umbrella policy information will be available on the mobile app. Please note that life policy information is not available at this time through the mobile app.

We are working on including more policy details in future releases. If you have questions about policy information, please contact us at 800-242-6422.

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