Amica Mobile Apps - Frequent Questions

How do I download the mobile app?

Search for "Amica" in your device’s app store. Select the app and follow the instructions.


How do I create an Amica online account?

If you haven’t already, visit and follow the simple instructions.


Does Amica keep my personal information private and secure?

Our policy is to protect all nonpublic personal information (NPI), collected through the application process or transactions with our customers. NPI includes names, addresses, driving history and credit information. Here are links to more details about our corporate privacy policy and how we protect customer information.

Privacy Notice
Online Privacy Policy
Amica Online Terms of Use
Amica Claim Alerts Terms and Conditions
Technical and security help for and Amica Mobile users
Autopay Authorization Agreement


How will I know when updates are available for my version of the app?

You will be notified of updates when you visit your phone's app store. For some users, an update will appear as an alert when their phones are synced to their computers.

To find out what version of the app you have, select the Contact Us menu, then select About this application, which will display the version number and release date.


Can my information be recovered if I am locked out of the app or if I lose/damage my phone?

Unfortunately, there is no way for Amica to recover the information stored within the app if you are locked out of the app or lose/damage your phone. Amica suggests that you create a backup of information on your home computer if possible.

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