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Home Insurance Dividend Policies

Get back up to 20% of your annual premium.1

Dividend policies vs. traditional policies

Amica offers two types of policies: dividend and traditional (non-dividend). While both types of policies offer the same coverage, a dividend policy has additional benefits:

  • Returns money to you1
  • Lowers your overall policy cost1,2
  • Flexible dividend payment options

What is a dividend policy?

A dividend policy returns a portion of money back to you that you've already paid toward your insurance policy, known as a dividend payment. On average, payments are 5-20% of your annual premium.

A dividend policy may cost more up front but you can save more in the long run.

Dividend payment options:Another great thing about dividend policies is you get to choose how you receive and use your payment: A man is holding up a phone in his left hand and what appears to be a check directly below the phone with right hand

Dividend payment options

Another great thing about dividend policies is you get to choose how you receive and use your payment:

  • Receive a check in the mail
  • Get an automatic direct deposit3
  • Apply it toward a future policy premium


How to get a dividend policy

Getting a dividend policy is simple and can be done at any time. Contact one of our representatives at 800-242-6422 to discuss the options available for your state.

“I have been insured by Amica for many years! They never disappoint and have the best customer service! No other company can convince me to go with them! An insured never has to argue about what's fair with Amica!” Janet L.

Questions about dividends?

Call us today at 800-242-6422

1 Amica home dividend policies are not available in CA, FL, MO and NC. Payments are not guaranteed and are based on multiple factors. Dividend policies may not be available on all policy types.

2 Policy payment averages can vary.

3 Must be enrolled in AutoPay.