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StreetSmart by AmicaTM
Privacy Notice ‎

Effective as of 10/21/2021

Amica Mutual Insurance Company and our subsidiaries and affiliates, including Amica Property & Casualty Insurance Company (collectively “Amica” or “we” or “our” or “us”) understands that protecting your privacy is important.

This Privacy Notice applies to StreetSmart by Amica (“StreetSmart”) and the StreetSmart by Amica mobile application (the “App”). ‎We have created this Privacy Notice to inform you about what data StreetSmart collects and how we use that data and who we will share that data with, if at all. ‎For further information about how we collect, use and share information through our online services, including our websites and the App, please see our Online Privacy Policy. If you have purchased or applied for any Amica insurance product, please see our Consumer Privacy Notice for information about how we collect, use, share and protect nonpublic personal information.

StreetSmart allows you to earn discounts and rewards based on Amica’s review of your driving behaviors. We use ‎traditional factors, like the type of vehicle you drive and previous accidents or traffic violations, as ‎well as your actual driving behavior, to create personalized discounts and rewards.‎ Participation in StreetSmart is completely voluntary.‎

The App

The App collects driving data, mobile device information and app analytics information. The App requires access to background location for GPS waypoint data for trip recording feature, not just in the foreground.

App Data Received

  • Driving Data: includes information like the vehicle’s speed and GPS location, and the time and date of your trips. The App also collects data from the sensors in your mobile device, such as its magnetometer, gyroscope, barometer, proximity and accelerometer. Other information such as the trip duration, rates of accelerating and breaking, mobile device usage, and trip classification is derived from the speed, location, time, and sensor information. Although the App will collect the driving information of any vehicle you occupy, even as a passenger, your driving score will be affected only by information that indicates you are driving, based on your “driving signature.”
  • Mobile Information: includes Wi-Fi status, whether your screen is locked, whether you are calling or using your mobile device, motion activity or activity recognition, whether the mobile device is connected to a Bluetooth device, and date/time stamp and operating system data available to the App. The App does not record the content of your communications or the identity of the person with whom you are communicating, or the app(s) you are using.
  • App Analytics Information: includes how often you use the App, which mobile screens you have viewed in the App, which referring/exit pages you have entered and left in the App, aggregated App usage, App performance and other App data.

How We Use App Data

StreetSmart through the App focuses on how safely, how much and when you drive. We use the data we collect to calculate your driving score and other traditional rating factors to determine your insurance quote, the rate you will pay when your policy renews or pricing for the future.
The data we received may also be used:

  • For underwriting purposes, including verification of information provided by you or with your consent.
  • For rating purposes, including verification of information provided by you or with your consent.‎
  • For purposes of determining applicable discounts and StreetSmart rewards.
  • To assist in resolving insurance claims. This may include, without limitation, detecting whether an automobile incident or accident (“accident”) may have occurred and offering assistance to you at the scene, validating the circumstances of the accident, such as date and time loss, and crash location, making liability and coverage determinations, conducting investigations of policy and /or claims fraud and material misrepresentations, and using any potential subrogation or litigation involving the claim.
  • For research and development.
  • To provide you with reports on your driving behavior.

Driving data and mobile device information collected by the App will be retained on your mobile device up to thirty (30) days and will then be deleted from the App.

We limit access to the data we receive, and use reasonable physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to help protect it and your privacy.

The App analytics information is used to help us understand how you interact with the App, so that we can continue to improve the experience.

We may aggregate the information we collect from you with the information we collect from others using the App. We may also anonymize the information so it is no longer identifiable to you. We may indefinitely retain aggregated or anonymized information that does not identify you and is not identifiable to you, share it with others, and use it for business and commercial purposes. We do not sell your data to third parties.

Sources of Data

Our telematics service provider, Cambridge Mobile Telematics (“CMT”), will have access to information from the sensors of your mobile device, such as its magnetometer, gyroscope, barometer, proximity and accelerometer. CMT derives information such as the trip duration, rates of accelerating and breaking, mobile ‎device usage, and trip classification from ‎the sensor information.‎ The information collected by CMT is not identified or identifiable by CMT to you. This data will be shared with Amica. We will identify the information to you, and use it as described above.

The data CMT collects through your use of the App may also be used for CMT’s internal business purposes, including for assessment and improvement of CMT’s services, and for research and development.

We May Disclose your Data to Others

We may share your information with third parties to service your insurance policy, detect or prevent fraud, perform research, [market our or our affiliates’ products and services to you], or as required or permitted by law. For example:

  • Your driving data may be shared with drivers on the same policy‎
  • When we determine that we're legally required to provide information, such as in response to a subpoena in a civil lawsuit or by police when investigating the cause of an accident
  • To a state department of insurance to support renewal rates
  • To our service providers who are contractually required to maintain its confidentiality
  • To assist in resolving insurance claims,  including sharing information in litigation or with other insurers for subrogation purposes involving the claim.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or comments about StreetSmart, this Privacy Notice, or our privacy practices, please contact us at:
100 Amica Way
Lincoln, RI 02865
or via our toll-free number: 800-242-6422