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Amica Insurance Redefines Mortality in New Branded Short Film Series

Man playing drums
10/17/2023 NEW YORK, NY

Life insurance faces a significant marketing problem — nobody wants to think about death. Dealing with the loss of a loved one or confronting our own mortality is something many shy away from. That’s why Amica, a 116-year-old insurance brand, is taking a new approach. Amica’s new branded short film series — “What You Leave Behind” — seeks to help people see meaning and beauty in the things left behind when someone passes away, and to consider making life insurance part of that legacy to help provide security to the ones they love.

While life insurance advertising typically focuses on policy terms, rates, and protection, “What You Leave Behind” uses a storytelling approach to make the concept of life insurance feel more relatable. The branded film series leverages the fact that many of us have everyday objects left to us by others that we treasure because of their story and the memories they evoke. Life insurance is the same — something we leave behind for those we love.

“Life insurance encompasses so much of the human experience that storytelling was the best method to bring that truth to the forefront,” said Tory Pachis, SVP, Marketing & Communications, Amica Insurance. “This campaign shifts the perception of mortality, making it less about the end and more about an ongoing legacy. Planning ahead to care for someone after you’re gone is perhaps the most empathetic thing any of us can do.”

Through three short films, “What You Leave Behind” explores the meaningful objects or heirlooms that three people received – either by serendipity or intention – that embody the memory and legacy of their loved ones. Three directors were selected to tailor the films to each individual’s story. The power of storytelling helps us relate to one another and Amica wants viewers who are moved by these films to put thought into what they’ll leave behind for the ones they love.

This content series — created in partnership with Mother in New York, Media by Mother and Warner Bros. Discovery’s Courageous brand studio — is the first long-form expansion of Amica’s new brand platform, Empathy is our best policy, introduced earlier this year and created by Mother in New York.

“Amica understands that life insurance can change the lives of its beneficiaries. Given the importance of this project, we knew we needed to craft the kind of stories that engage and inspire viewers versus the typical ads they avoid so often today,” said Paul Furia, Head of Content and Creative Packaging, Media by Mother. “This inspiring creative developed with our friends at Courageous coupled with a strategic media plan across Warner Bros. Discovery will ensure this message truly resonates with consumers.”

The Drums — the first short film in the branded series directed by Kathryn Dellamaggiore of Courageous — introduces viewers to Chris Lotito, 49, for whom drumming has been a life-long passion. Chris was taught how to play by his father, Alfred, on his cherished 1966 Ludwig Hollywood gold glitter drum set. 

When Chris was a teenager, Alfred's life was tragically cut short by Lou Gehrig's disease at age 49. During a family move a short time later, Chris was devastated to learn that the drums were inadvertently sold, leading him on a decades-long journey to find them again. His search miraculously ended when Chris found the exact same drum kit on eBay on his father's birthday.

Today, Chris preserves his father’s legacy as the drummer in a band, but more importantly, by becoming the best father he knows how to be. He regularly teaches his two children to play on the now-refurbished gold glitter drum kit.

“When the talented folks at Media by Mother and Amica told us they wanted to explore a modern interpretation of legacy, we knew there was no better way to spread the word than through a compelling storytelling campaign with universally relatable emotional resonance,” said Paul Sundue, VP, Creative Director, Courageous Studios. “By leveraging Warner Bros. Discovery’s ad-supported portfolio, we’re excited to see these powerful stories reach and inspire the right audiences.”

All three installments of “What You Leave Behind” will be made available throughout the fall on a branded digital hub, with 15 and 30-second ad cutdowns to be distributed across select Warner Bros. Discovery ad-supported digital and linear properties and social handles. In October, an immersive activation in Boston, Massachusetts, will bring the series to life, allowing passersby to share their stories about the legacies of those they love and items left behind.

Those interested in sharing their own stories about the legacies of their loved ones will be able to do so via social media using the hashtag #WYLB or by sending an email to Select stories will be featured on the campaign’s digital hub. To view story guidelines and learn more about the campaign, visit

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