Specialty Products

Second‐to‐die Insurance

Second‐to‐die is a permanent life insurance policy that insures two people's lives, usually a husband and wife, under one policy and is available through Amica General Agency.

Benefit Payment – After both insured parties are deceased the death benefit proceeds will be paid.

Protection for Your Estate – This type of policy is designed to cover estate tax liability and should be considered for any estate plan. If your estate exceeds $1 million in value or is comprised mostly of real estate, business interests or other tangible assets, then a Second-to-die policy is a valuable option for you. In most situations, estate taxes are not due until the second spouse dies. This policy is designed to provide the funds to pay the estate taxes of couples with substantial assets. A Second-to-die policy can ensure that your assets go to your heirs instead of being used or liquidated to pay expenses, taxes and other probate costs.

Call Amica Life at 800-234-5433, ext. 89017, for additional information regarding Second-to-die insurance.

Note: Second‐to‐die is a specialized policy offered through the Amica General Agency and is underwritten by MassMutual. Amica Life is not financially responsible for MassMutual or its products.