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Disability Income Insurance

Amica Life offers disability income insurance through Amica General Agency. Disability income insurance protects your earning power by providing you with a monthly income if you become sick or hurt and you can't work.

Guaranteed Protection – As long as premiums are paid in accordance with the policy provision, your coverage cannot be cancelled.

Guaranteed Premiums – An individual's premium rates are guaranteed not to increase. Rates can only be increased on a class basis.

Income Benefits – Disability income benefits are usually tax-free. Income benefits are paid even while partially disabled.

Optional Benefits – Customize your protection to meet your individual needs with optional benefits and riders including increase of monthly benefits to hedge against inflation or income increases.

Please call Amica Life at 800-234-5433, ext. 89017, for additional information regarding disability insurance.

Note: Disability income insurance is offered through the Amica General Agency and is underwritten by MassMutual Financial Group or UNUM Provident. Review policy for details as features may vary. Amica Life is not financially responsible for MassMutual Financial Group, UNUM Provident or their products.