Dividend Policies

Amica's Dividend Policies: Policies That Pay You Back!

The benefits of a mutual company

Not all insurance companies offer dividend policies - only mutual insurers which are owned by their policyholders.

Plus, we are a direct writer, so when you call, you talk directly to Amica. There's no one in the middle.

At Amica, we've maintained our mutual structure since we started insuring automobiles in 1907. In most states we also offer dividend policies for home, marine and personal umbrella liability insurance.

Reduce your premium

Amica's dividend policies* can pay you back! You can save money every year on your auto, home, marine and umbrella policies by selecting the dividend policy option.

Amica has been paying dividends for more than 100 years. And while dividends are not guaranteed, for the past 40 plus years, we've sent checks to our auto dividend policyholders that equal 20 percent of their annual premium. This means that the net cost of a dividend policy is less than the cost of a comparable non-dividend policy. Dividend policies can also save you money every year on your home, marine and umbrella policies.

Chart of cost savings with dividend policies

Switching is simple

You can convert your policy to a dividend one at any time - and there are no costs, forms or inspections required. You get the same protection as non-dividend policies. If you decide to switch back - no problem!

Learn more about dividends

Call us at 800-242-6422 to discuss the dividend options in your state.

*Amica automobile dividend policies are not available in CA, FL, HI, MA, MO, NC, NJ and TX

Amica homeowner dividend policies are not available in CA, FL, MO and NC

Amica umbrella dividend polices are not available in CA, FL and MO

Amica marine dividend policies are not available in CA and MO