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Secure Your Retirement

Prepare your next chapter and save on taxes with an Amica IRA Annuity.

What’s the best kind of retirement? The financially secure kind. Our IRA annuity products provide you with a lifetime of income options. A Roth IRA Annuity gives you the same ability to save for retirement and have a lifetime payment stream in the future – like a Traditional IRA Annuity. You can start a new IRA Annuity before the April 15 tax deadline, with a contribution up to the current IRS limits, or roll an existing IRA Annuity or 401(k) funds into an Amica IRA Annuity. Our specialists are here to explain the options and make it easy.

Traditional IRA Annuity1

A traditional IRA Annuity provides you the ability to save for retirement and have a lifetime payment stream in the future. You may be able to deduct the contribution currently and only pay tax on the distribution taken during retirement, when your tax rate may be lower.

Roth IRA Annuity2

A Roth IRA Annuity provides you the same ability to save for retirement and have a lifetime payment stream in the future as a Traditional IRA Annuity. The difference is that there is no current deduction for the contribution. Rather, at time of retirement, the distribution may be completely tax-free if specific IRS requirements are met.

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Superior strength

Amica Life Insurance Company has received an A+ (Superior) rating from AM Best,4 a leading authority on insurance company financial stability.

Why IRA Annuities from Amica make a great investment:3

Fast and easy: You can open an IRA Annuity with Amica in 15 minutes!

A safe, reliable option with a fixed rate and guaranteed returns.3

Payout choices are flexible, to suit your changing plans.

No front-end sales charges, service charges or annual administrative costs.

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Standard form numbers ICC16 FPDA-IRA01-01 and ICC16 SPDA-IRA01-01.
2 Standard form numbers ICC16 FPDA-RothIRA01-01 and ICC16 SPDA-RothIRA01-01.
3 Some products not available in all states. Before purchase of an IRA, you should consult with a tax advisor to ensure that you have selected the best options for your retirement. Guarantees are subject to the claims-paying ability of Amica Life.
AM Best Company. Feb. 2, 2022. A+ is the second highest of 15 possible ratings. For the latest rating, access
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