Life Insurance

Annual Renewable Term

Amica Life's Annual Renewable Term provides solid insurance protection with the added feature of automatically renewing your coverage at the end of each policy year. Our many policy benefits and features allow you to customize a life insurance plan that will best fit your unique life insurance needs.

Guaranteed Level Protection. As long as premiums are paid in accordance with the policy's provisions, your level of protection is guaranteed to age 85. Your coverage amount will not decrease as you get older

Conversion Option. You may convert this policy to any permanent policy available at the time of conversion regardless of your health

Optional Benefits and Riders. Customize your protection to meet your individual goals. Our optional benefits and riders include: waiver of premium, children's insurance, and accidental death.

Pricing. We offer discounts for larger policies and there are no policy fees. In addition, we may reward you for your excellent health and lifestyle choices with our premier select rates.

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Disclaimer: Standard form numbers ICC09 ART01-01 and ART01-01