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Ice Dams

Ice dams form as ice builds up along your roof, and prevent water from melted snow and ice from draining off the roof. Water can then leak into your house and cause costly damage. Here are some tips to prevent ice dams from forming:

  • Make sure the ceiling is air tight, so warm, moist air doesn't flow into the attic space.
  • Increase ceiling and roof insulation to minimize the amount of heat that rises into the attic.
  • Use weather-stripping around entry ways to the attic, and seal around attic ducts, light fixtures, chimneys and fans to prevent heat from melting snow.
  • Clean debris from gutters and drains to allow for proper drainage.
  • If you are building a new home or re-roofing, install water-tight membranes under the roof covering to help prevent water from leaking through.