Home Inventory

Prepare for the unexpected

Why create a home inventory?

A record of everything in your home, condo or apartment is helpful, especially in the event of a significant loss. This detailed list will make it easier to recall what you own. It also assists you in selecting the right amount of coverage.

Getting started

Begin by simply following these steps:

Step 1: Create a log or online list of the items you own

Step 2: Take photos or videos of your possessions

Step 3: Keep your inventory safe and up-to-date

Items to include

  • Provide model/serial numbers for appliances, electronics and valuables
  • Estimate the values of specific items (like an outdoor grill)
  • List a collective value for groups of items (like kitchen gadgets)
  • Document expensive items with receipts
  • Include the contents of all drawers and closets
  • Remember to update your inventory regularly

Extra protection

Most home policies protect your valuables, but some possessions require more coverage.

Expensive items such as jewelry, fine art, cameras, bicycles, and musical instruments should be specially reviewed to ensure you’re properly covered.

If you’d like to review coverage for any of your valued items, please have the bill of sale or appraisal ready, and give us a call.

Our representatives are always here to answer your questions.