Auto Insurance

Rental Car Coverage

Need to rent a car?

It's important to know what protection you have, in any situation. If you have questions about rental car coverage, or any other coverages on your policy, please contact a representative to review your options.

Renting a car after an accident

This coverage is called rental reimbursement. If you're in an accident and your car is not considered drivable or is in the shop for accident-related repairs, you may be covered for the cost of a rental. Coverages vary by state, but most policies offer $20 per day and up to $600 total.1 Other coverage limits are available for purchase.

Renting a car for a vacation or move

In most cases, the coverage you have for your own car also extends to a rental– whether it's a car, SUV, motor home or moving truck. Coverage can be extended to a rental for up to 30 days. 

We recommend you check beforehand to find out if you're covered. Give us a call to review your policy. You'll also want to research the rental company's policy and any other sources of coverage.

1Coverage may vary by state and policy.

2Coverage applies to rentals used in the United States, Canada or U.S territories.