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Glass Damage Coverage: Repair or Replace?

If your windshield is damaged, you may be able to repair if the crack or chip is:

  • Less than six inches long
  • Smaller than a quarter in diameter
  • Not located in the driver's line of vision or edge of the windshield

Repairs are made by injecting a heated resin into the crack or hole. These repairs may be made at no cost to you, if your policy includes "other than collision" or "comprehensive coverage." If you aren't satisfied with the repair or if the crack or chip is too large to repair, you can opt to replace the windshield. However, your deductible may apply.

You can choose who repairs or replaces your windshield, or let us help you find a facility to get the job done right. Amica's Glass Program Manager offers high-quality repair and replacement services from our member shops, including a lifetime guarantee on defective parts and workmanship for replacements as long as you own the vehicle.*

Glass coverage varies from state to state.


If you have any questions about glass repairs or your coverage, contact us or call an Amica representative at 800-242-6422.

*Repairs are not guaranteed.