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Special Notice for Washington, D.C. Life Insurance Policies

A recent order from the Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking (DISB) extends certain emergency relief measures through the duration of the Public Health Emergency. This order extends the grace period for customers during which:

  • There are no cancelations for non-payment;
  • No late fees, installment or reinstatement fees will be charged;
  • Cancelations, non-renewals and adverse underwriting actions are deferred.

Late payments during the emergency will not be considered in any future premium calculations. Please note, however, that you will continue to receive bills and notices, and will still be responsible for paying the premium owed on your policy after the grace period ends.

Customers with Washington, D.C. insurance policies may be eligible to repay unpaid premiums in installments over a period of 12 months, beginning one month after the end of the Public Health Emergency. If you would like to discuss billing or make alternative payment arrangements, please contact us at 844-894-4228.



If you have any questions regarding your rights under the Executive Order or regulations, please contact us at 800-242-6422.