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How do I start the repair process for damage to my home?

You should obtain an estimate from a contractor. Depending on the extent of the damage, we may also need to have an adjuster​ inspect the damage in addition to your provided estimate.

I don't know a contractor to repair my home. Can you recommend one?

Amica has a Repair Assistance Program (RAP)​ available in most areas of the country. If you’re interested, we can put you in touch with a contractor to repair your home. You can always choose your own contractor and are under absolutely no obligation to use a contractor in our program.


I received a check for the repairs to my home. Why is my mortgage company listed as a payee?

We are required to list your mortgage company, because they have a legal interest in your property and a vested interest in seeing that the repairs are completed.

I received payment for damages based on the adjuster's estimate. What if more damage is found?

Our adjusters​ write estimates based on what they see during the inspection. We realize that additional damage may exist but may not be found until the work begins. Notify us immediately before the additional damage is repaired. We may need to inspect the additional damage to properly assess coverage and accurately estimate the cost of repairs. Supplemental payments​ may be issued if coverage applies.

An adjuster will be inspecting damage to my home. How soon can I expect payment if I'm covered?

Payment is generally issued as soon as we have inspected the damage, confirmed coverage and written an estimate for the cost of repairs. The time frame can vary if the loss​ is more complex or involves unique repair items.