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Drive safely this summer with tire tips from Amica

Checking tire pressure


LINCOLN, R.I. - Summer is a great time to travel with family and friends, and road trips are a fun way to see the sights. However, car trouble happens, especially when it comes to tires. As part of National Tire Safety Week, Amica Insurance is sharing five tips to help properly maintain tires.

According to Car Care Council, tires naturally lose one to two psi per month. Amica is offering the following tips from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to help promote tire safety this summer:

  • Check tire pressure regularly, at least once a month, including the spare tire. Over-inflation and under-inflation can cause flat tires, overheating and blowouts.
  • Regularly inspect tires for cracks, wear and punctures. Even small openings can lead to larger ruptures.
  • Ensure tire valves have valve caps so that air cannot leak out of tires.
  • Don’t overload your vehicle. Check the owner’s manual for its recommended maximum load weight.
  • Slow down if driving over a pothole or other debris in the road.

In the event of a flat tire or blowout, immediately pull over to a safe part of the road and call for assistance. If you choose to change the tire yourself, the owner’s manual has step-by-step directions on how to do so.

Be sure to get tires repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Most manufacturers suggest not driving more than 50 miles on a spare tire, and to avoid driving at high speeds.

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