Employee Spotlight

5 interesting facts about me

1. I assist our customers by explaining the details of our policies so they fully understand what they mean. By speaking with them, I help people choose the policy that provides the best coverage for their situation. 

2. One of my hobbies is looking at houses that are on sale! Sundays are great for open houses so I do a lot of that here in Vegas, especially since the city is building up so much.  

3. I was born and raised in Carson, California, so it will always be my favorite city. But to be honest, I am down for anywhere that has a beach and Mexican restaurant. 

4. My favorite book is The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. It is a really great tool to help you focus your mind on the current moment and meditate. I go back to it even when I’m reading other books.

5. My favorite memory at Amica happens every year and it’s our Thanksgiving lunch. During this event, we go around and express what we’re thankful for and it really helps us form a special connection. 

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