Employee Spotlight

5 interesting facts about me

1. As an Account Manager, I work with my team to provide the excellent customer service that we are known for. I’m a mentor, coach and cheerleader all in one. I love to see my representatives succeed in their roles.

2. The only sport I watch is football, and of course I’m a Patriots fan. I worked at the stadium part time, which meant I was able to be at all of the home games. It was exceptionally exciting to work down in the new Optum field level lounge, and being able to see the Lombardi Trophies up close.

3. I have a Shetland sheepdog named Fae and two cats named Boo and Luna. My cats were strays that I adopted off the street as kittens.

4. I love to go hiking, rock climbing, skiing and horseback riding. My husband and I also enjoy going to conventions, music festivals and rock concerts with my grandma.

5. I love how supportive and friendly everyone is here. We’re genuinely happy for each other’s successes and are always more than happy to help out. It truly is like working with a big family. 

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