Employee Spotlight

5 interesting facts about me

1. I make sure IT projects are finished on time. This supports the systems that Amica employees use to help our customers.

2. I’ve lived in quite a few places in the US – Rhode Island, Illinois, California, New Jersey and Texas. I’ve also traveled overseas to places like Armenia, India and Italy. 

3. What I like most about Amica is the corporate culture. Oh, and the on-site fitness center doesn’t hurt either!

4. I’m an avid exerciser and have participated in several Ironman events and triathlons. I can even swim underwater for three lengths of a pool, which is about 75 yards!

5. If I could travel to the past, I’d go to the Middle Ages near Caerleon, South Wales. They say that’s where Camelot was. I’d love to go back to a time when honor and chivalry reigned.

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