Employee Spotlight

What makes a company great? At Amica, there’s no question. It’s our people. These are just some of the employees who help provide our customers with the service they expect and deserve.

Get to know our employees

Position: Senior Quantitative Analyst – Life
Department: Amica Life Insurance Company
Year Started: 2014

I support our internal Life insurance teams who help service our customers. 

Position: Senior Claims Service Representative
Department: Rochester Regional
Year Started: 2008

I help make the claims process as smooth as possible for our customers. 

Position: Account Manager
Department: Western Massachusetts Office Sales - SCS
Year Started: 2015

I work with my team to provide the excellent customer service that we're known for. 

Position: Technology Services Officer
Department: Amica Life Insurance Company
Year Started: 2015

I work towards modernizing and enhancing our technology platforms. 

Position: Sales Representative
Department: National Sales Center – West Nevada
Year Started: 2015

My favorite memory is of our Thanksgiving lunch where we share what we’re thankful for! 

Position: Customer Service Representative Supervisor
Department: Dallas Regional Office – Claims
Year Started: 2008

I love that at Amica, we take the time to really help people.

Position: IT Developer
Department: Corporate Information Systems
Year Started: 2014

I help make employees’ jobs easier through software development.

Position: Project Manager
Department: Corporate Information Services
Year Started:

I make sure employees have the tools they need.

Position: Training Specialist Team Leader
Department: Training and Development
Year Started:

I teach employees about essential programs and skills.