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Amica employees earn awards for providing customer service training

Amica employee receives award


LINCOLN, RI - Two Amica Insurance employees were recently honored by the R.I. Department of Environmental Management for providing outstanding customer service training.

Annie Oster and Carolynn Woodis, lead training specialists with Amica’s training and development department, received Director’s Awards from Janet Coit, the department’s director, at DEM’s 2013 Awards Ceremony.

Amica originally began assisting state organizations late in 2011, when the company offered to create a customized training program for the R.I. Department of Motor Vehicles at no cost to the state. Jeff Gagnon, head of Amica’s training and development department, knew his team had the tools to help the DMV change its image.

About 150 DMV employees visited Amica to hone their customer service techniques, and the training was a success. It even made the national news, with stories on Fox Business News and MSNBC.

Coit thought her employees would benefit from similar training, so she contacted Robert DiMuccio, Amica’s chairman, president and CEO, to request some help. By spring of last year, more customer service training was underway. Those trained at Amica shared what they learned with coworkers, Coit said, reporting that DEM employees now have higher morale and “a different spirit.”

When Woodis received her award, she reflected on how proud she was to work for Amica, and how community respect for the company led to a strong working relationship with the state employees.

“I could really feel the positive energy in the room,” she said.

Oster, meanwhile, said she was happy to know she played a role in Amica having a positive impact on people who serve the public. The DEM, she said, “is a different place now.”

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