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Rhode Island native creates painting for Amica's annual Thanksgiving card


LINCOLN, RI – Kathleen Laquerre wakes up on Saturday mornings, sometimes as early as 4 a.m., and walks into her home studio. She settles in, picks up her paintbrush and enters another world.

Laquerre, a resident of Harrisville, took a few art lessons as a child, but she’s mostly self-taught and paints whenever she finds free time. Her talent and passion for painting have been kept quiet and mostly hidden from view – until now. One of her original paintings, “ Reflections,” is featured on Amica Insurance’s annual Thanksgiving card this year. The card is being mailed this month to more than 718,000 policyholders across the country.

Laquerre, a senior claims assistant in Amica’s claims executive department, had never planned on creating a painting for the card. But a friend and co-worker convinced her to show her work to Amica’s corporate communications department.

It was love at first sight.

All of the objects in Laquerre’s painting hold a special place in her heart. The dish in the background belonged to one of her grandmothers, and the porcelain bowl was part of a set that belonged to her other grandmother. The candlestick was part of a gift that Kathy’s mother, Winnie Krajewski, received from Amica Insurance when she retired from the company 20 years ago.

“I am so attached to all of those things,” Laquerre said. “Having them in this painting lets me show other people parts of my life."

Laquerre compares painting to writing a story, but then corrects herself and says it’s actually more like reading a good book.

“Your mind is doing more than creating Rbit,” she said. “You’re on vacation in your head. You don’t want to stop – it leaves you wanting more.”

Laquerre said that she has tried just about every painting medium, but oils – which she used for the Thanksgiving card – are her favorite. She recently started using a special “underpainting” technique, originally employed by the Old Masters of the Renaissance and earlier artists.' When working in this style, she begins by painting the entire image in shades of brown. She then goes over the painting, adding other colors.

“I can’t believe that something I do is appreciated by so many people,” Laquerre said, about her painting. “To draw some emotion from them is overwhelming.”

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