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Salvation Army calls Amica Companies Foundation's $5K donation 'life saver'


LINCOLN, RI – When Amica Insurance presented a $5,000 check to The Salvation Army last week, Lt. John C. Luby, the state coordinator for the program, said: “Do you realize what a life saver this is?”

Amica’s donation will help pay the cost of providing fresh potatoes, carrots and squash for many of the 3,000 holiday baskets that will be delivered to families throughout the region in time for Thanksgiving, Luby said. Each basket includes a turkey and enough dry goods and vegetables to feed a family of five.

“Your generosity will enable us to meet the needs of nearly 15,000 residents of Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts,” Luby said.

“We’re glad we’re able to help make Thanksgiving a little more enjoyable for some of the many families in our community,” said Patti Genovese, a senior sponsorship specialist with Amica Insurance, who delivered the check from the Amica Companies Foundation to Luby at the Salvation Army headquarters on Elmwood Avenue in Providence.

Genovese was among dozens of Amica employees who’ve been volunteering at the Salvation Army headquarters in recent weeks, helping to register families who are requesting holiday meals as well as helping to prepare and pack the holiday baskets.

“Our employees know how important it is to help those less fortunate, especially during the holidays,” Genovese said.

Luby said his agency, like many others, has seen an increase in demand – a decrease in donations – as a result of the struggling economy. “This is the fourth year in a row of double-digit unemployment. We’re seeing a lot of people who are now clients who used to be our donors.”

The Salvation Army depends on donations to provide a variety of assistance to individuals and families, Luby said. Amica’s $5,000 donation would be enough to provide $25 clothing vouchers to 200 people in need of winter coats, or 2,500 lunches or dinners to the homeless or to volunteers still working to clean up after Superstorm Sandy. But this particular donation, he said, will help feed many people in need.

“We’re really appreciative of your generosity. It’s been a blessing,” Luby said. And, he added, “We’ll be putting it to use right away!”

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