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Life Insurance Awareness Month: perfect time to review life insurance needs


LINCOLN, RI – September is Life Insurance Awareness Month, so Amica Insurance reminds everyone to take time to review their life insurance needs.

“Life insurance is a valuable asset, no matter your age or family status,” said Ed Naya, an assistant vice president with Amica Life. “If someone depends on you for financial support, life insurance can help protect that person after you’re gone.”

Life insurance is especially important if you’re:

  • Single and have parents or siblings who depend on you for financial support
  • Married and your lifestyle and expenses depend on a joint income
  • A parent with children who need financial support through school and beyond

“Imagine what would happen if you suddenly weren’t there,” Naya said. “Could your spouse afford to stay in your home? Would your children have enough money to continue with sports and activities and go on to college? Would your parents be able to afford hiring someone to help them with chores, or handle their finances or get back and forth to doctor’s appointments?”

Life insurance can help to:

  • Pay funeral costs
  • Replace lost income needed to pay for daily expenses, including housing, food and utilities
  • Pay outstanding debts, including mortgage, car loans and credit card payments
  • Cover the costs of college tuition, weddings and other needs of grown children
  • Maintain a standard of living, especially in families that are dependent on joint incomes

The LIFE Foundation estimates that about 95 million adult Americans do not have life insurance and most people with coverage do not have enough. That’s why Amica supports Life Insurance Awareness Month, to remind people of the importance of life insurance.

For more information about life insurance, visit To learn more about Amica’s life insurance products, visit Amica also offers a free life insurance needs calculator to help you determine the amount of insurance you need for your loved ones.

“Life insurance is one of the most important purchases a person can make,” Naya said. “That’s why we urge everyone to review their life insurance, to make sure to protect the ones you love.”

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