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Amica offers tips to help protect your property from wildfires


LINCOLN, RI – Wildfires continue to rage in southeastern Arizona, forcing the evacuation of several communities there. These fires have already devastated hundreds of millions of acres across the country. Amica Insurance is offering tips to help protect your family and property, if wildfires pose a threat to you.

‘Wildfires are dangerous and can quickly spread, so it’s important to learn about the risks in your area and to plan ahead,” said Sean Welch, a senior assistant vice president with Amica Insurance. “Take steps now to protect your home as much as possible, and make sure you have an evacuation plan in case you need to leave.”

Drought-plagued areas in Arizona, Texas and the southern and central Plains have been among the hardest hit areasso far this year. But wildfires can occur anywhere, anytime, Welch said.

Amica offers these tips to help protect your home:

  • Maintain shrubs and other landscaping at a safe distance from your home and avoid the use of wood, bark and rubber mulch that can easily catch fire.
  • Keep trellises, arbors, playground equipment, boats, RVs, firewood, propane tanks and other combustibles at least 30 feet from your house.
  • Clean debris from your roof and gutters and if possible, install a Class A fire-rated roof covering.
  • Use flame-resistant materials on decks, patios and porches and enclose or screen the area to keep it free from debris.
  • Cover attic and crawlspace vents with 1/8- inch metal screens to help keep out burning embers.

Many wildfires are caused by careless mistakes, so be cautious when lighting a campfire around your home or elsewhere, Welch noted. If you are burning debris, choose a safe site far from anything that can catch fire. And always have a way to extinguish the fire quickly.

Wildfires can occur virtually anywhere, at anytime, Welch said. That’s why it is important to take steps now to protect your family and your home as best you can.

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