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Structured Settlements

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Traditional Structured Settlement Annuity

This is a contract to pay installments or future periodic payments as a settlement format for a bodily injury claim or lawsuit.

Age-Rated Structured Annuity

This is an age–rated contract specially priced to account for a reduction in life expectancy as a result of the accident injury or due to a specific existing medical condition.

Accelerated Death Benefit Rider

This policy provision overrides the anti–acceleration language in the tax code for annuitants who have died during their guaranteed benefit term. It is a valuable addition to our product line for those special cases where estate or Medicare remainder interests (Special Needs Trusts) may arise. Contact a structured settlement specialist for further details.

Payment Options

  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Semi–annually
  • Annually
  • Lump sum

We also offer combination payments, step annuities and immediate and deferred start dates.