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Auto Insurance

Platinum Choice Auto

Platinum Choice Auto gives you multiple levels of added security in one convenient, money-saving package.

Customize your auto policy by adding one or more of these coverages or bundle it together for a discount.

Good Driving Rewards
Accident forgiveness when you need it most.

Accident forgiveness that saves you money

Amica's good driving rewards coverage* lets you earn Advantage points to lower or eliminate your costs if you are in an accident. You can use your Advantage points to:

  • Waive an auto accident surcharge
  • Pay down or eliminate your deductible

Earning Advantage points is easy

With good driving rewards, you can earn Amica Advantage points for:

  • Your time as an Amica auto customer
  • Adding other Amica policies
  • Renewing existing policies (or, renewing the Amica policies you own)
  • Completing a year of good driving
  • Referring others to Amica*

Your Advantage points never expire while you have an Amica policy. You can use your Advantage points however and whenever you choose.

*This feature is not available in all states.

Identity Fraud Monitoring
Feel secure knowing your personal information is protected.

No matter how careful you are, you may become a victim of identity theft

With Amica's identity fraud monitoring service, your credit files and personal information are monitored 24/7 at all three major credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. You are alerted within 24 hours if unusual activity is detected.

Resolution experts

Your identity fraud monitoring service provides toll-free access for you and your family to an Identity Theft 911 experienced fraud specialist. If a problem occurs, you will receive expert assistance with all documentation and phone calls needed to resolve your case.

Full Glass Coverage
No more paying out-of-pocket for glass losses.

Replacement coverage

When you have full glass coverage, it will provide new windshields or door windows at no cost to you. Whether the glass has a small chip or is completely shattered, we will work with you to repair or replace it. Your replacement coverage applies to any damage, big or small.

Choice of repair facilities

Your choice of repair facilities is not limited in any way. If you need help finding a repair facility, Amica's glass partnership program offers high-quality repair and replacement services from our member shops, including a lifetime guarantee on defective parts and workmanship for replacements as long as you own the vehicle.

Some states require or provide full glass coverage in certain situations.

Prestige Rental Coverage
Our best rental coverage when your car is in an accident.

No daily limit

Take the worry out of renting a vehicle. With this coverage, you have no daily limit on your rental charge. Prestige coverage gives you up to $5,000 per loss toward the rental of a comparable car. It ensures you can drive a car with the performance and luxury similar to your own.

Coverage applies when your vehicle is in a covered loss

Whether your car is involved in a hit and run, in a total loss, is stolen or in any other covered accident, your $5,000 limit applies and continues until your vehicle is repaired or you purchase a replacement.

Consider the benefits of Platinum

Choose individual coverages

Customize your auto policy by adding one or more of these coverages to fit your needs. An Amica representative will be happy to explain all of the Platinum Choice auto options to you.

Save with the premier package

Receive a discount when you bundle these superior coverages and services. Find out how you can benefit from multiple levels of added security by calling Amica today.

The Platinum Choice auto package may vary by state.

The information contained on this page is a general description of coverage and not an insurance contract. All coverages are subject to the terms and conditions of the applicable Amica insurance policy.