Structured Settlements

At Amica, being there for our customers is our number one responsibility and priority – and that hasn't changed since we opened our doors in 1907. You can rely on us to protect you and your family and provide you with exceptional customer service. The financial strength and customer service that Amica is so well known for extends to Amica Life – and to our structured settlement services. Even if you're not an Amica customer, we can provide structured settlement services to you.

A structured settlement is a means of compensating a person who has suffered a personal physical injury due to the negligence of another by providing periodic payments over a specified period of time to meet future financial needs.

Our Services

Amica Life is a leading provider and direct distributor of tax-advantaged structured settlement products and services. These services:

  • Assist injured parties in the casualty, workers' compensation and self-insured marketplace
  • Are issued by Amica Life, with benefits guaranteed by Amica Mutual Insurance Company
  • Provide tax-free, guaranteed payments and survivorship rights

Products, Services and Payment Options

Benefits of an Amica Structured Settlement

Amica's Stability and Financial Strength

Guarantees are subject to the claims paying rating of your insurer.