Billing and Payment Help

Electronic Bill and Payment Service

Amica offers online electronic Billing and Payments services to help our customers manage their auto, home, marine and umbrella insurance bills. You can pay eligible policies online and opt to receive email notifications when payments are due instead of receiving bills by mail. Plus, in some states, you will receive a discount if you sign up for e-bill and e-policy.

How to Use E-bill and Payment Services

Customer Login

There are multiple ways to log in to your account. The Home Page displays a login box, and you can also log in from the Customer Service page and the Login page.

New Customers:

If you’ve never logged in to, start by clicking on the Create New Login link in the Manage Your Account section of the home page. You’ll be asked a few questions so we can verify your identity, and then you’ll create a user name and password to access your online account. You’ll then select a security image and security questions, and provide a primary email address. Your new user name and password will be used for all future visits.

Returning Customers:

If you are a returning customer, enter your user name on the home page in the Manage Your Account section. Verify your security image on the login page and then enter your password.

Navigating Your Account

After you log in, you will land on the Account Home page. On this page you can select which section you would like to visit: Billing and Payments, Claim Center, Policies and Documents or Your Profile.

Billing and Payments

Billing and Payments displays your premium balance and the amount currently due. Here you can make a payment on your account or pay by policy, and view your recent billing statements and transaction history. You can also enroll in the automatic payment plan to have your policies paid automatically.

Your Profile

In Your Profile, you can update your login settings and email addresses, add or edit payment methods, and change your paperless preferences.

Claim Center

In Claim Center, you can report and track a claim and view your claim details. You can sign up for direct deposit of any claim payments you may receive, view claims documents and sign up for email notifications.

Policies and Documents

Policies and Documents allows you access to your policy documents and gives you the option to print your insurance ID cards. You can also request to have your ID cards mailed to you.

Billing Notification

You have the choice of receiving your billing notification by mail or email. Our billing system is designed to send customers bills by U.S. mail unless you opt to receive email notifications.

To sign up for email notification, go to the Your Profile page and select the Edit link next to e-bill under Paperless Preferences, then select the email address you prefer. An email message will be sent to you before your bill is due. For the first cycle, both a paper bill and email message will be sent. Thereafter, only the email notification is sent.

Our Payment Processing Schedule

Day One: The day your online payment has been scheduled.

Day Two: The payment transaction is passed to our bank.

Day Three: The payment can be viewed on Transaction History.

Note: Holiday weekends may extend the posting of payments

Our Refund Policy

Return premiums and cancellations are credited to the policy balance. Generally, if there are no unpaid balances, overpayments are made payable to the customer and mailed to the address on record. Overpayments produced as the result of a credit card payment are credited to the originating credit card account.