Billing and Payment Help

Billing Frequent Questions

How do I update my email address online?

Your email address is an essential part of your account information. Keeping it up-to-date is necessary to avoiding any disruption in your email notification service.

To update your email address, log into Manage Your Account and go to the Your Profile page. In the Email Addresses section, you can add, update and store up to ten email addresses.


How do I change my bank routing information?

To update your bank routing information, log in and click Your Profile on the Account Home page.


Can I make my premium payment using a credit card?

Yes. Log in and click Your Profile on the Account Home page. You can add or change your credit card information in the Payment Methods section, and then go to the Billing and Payments section to make a payment.


How do I view my bill payments?

It takes up to four days to process an online payment. Once a payment has been processed, you can view it by clicking the View transaction history link in the right-hand navigation on the Billing and Payments landing page.


Can I make a payment when my policy is in non-payment cancellation status?

You can still make a payment online, as long as the "cancellation effective date" has not passed. To make a payment, log in, go to the Billing and Payments page and click the Make a Payment button.


I used to receive a single account bill. Why am I now being billed separately?

There are two reasons this may happen:

You may have recently requested separate billing on each of your policies, or

You are late with your payments and separate cancellation bills have been sent on each policy.


How do I switch from email to mail bill notification?

You can switch back to having your bill mailed to you by logging in to your account and clicking on Your Profile from the Account Home page. Under Paperless Preferences, you can edit your e-policy and e-bill settings.


Can I designate how my electronic payment is divided between my homeowner and auto policies?

Our "Pay by Policy" option allows you to apply specific payment amounts to your policies. To use this feature, log in, go to the Billing and Payments page, click the Make a Payment button and then select Pay by Policy.


My regular installment is $100, but I would like to pay more. How will this affect my future installment amounts?

By electing to pay more than the minimum installment amount, you will reduce the amount of the next installment or the number of remaining installments. For example, if the installments are $100 each and you pay $150, the next installment will be billed for $50. If you pay $200, you will have paid for two months worth of bills so you will not received an installment bill the following month.