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Winter Storms

A winter storm can consist of sleet, freezing rain, frost, ice storms or blizzards. Extreme cold and snowstorms can hit any region without warning, so it's important to listen for a winter storm watch​ and winter storm warning​.

Make sure your home and car are ready for winter with these and other winter tips for your home​ and winter tips for your car​.

  • Install storm windows and insulate walls and pipes.
  • Shut off water valves leading outside.
  • Keep dry wood for your fireplace.
  • Keep at least a half-tank of gas in your car at all times.
  • Keep an emergency supply kit in your car.

During a winter storm:

  • If you're outdoors, watch for signs of hypothermia and frostbite.
  • Be careful when shoveling snow. Avoid overexerting your muscles and losing body heat.
  • Drive only if you have to. Do not travel alone, and let others know where you are. Check here for other blizzard driving tips.

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