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When a storm strikes, get to a safe area.

wave cresting into town

Most hurricane-related injuries are caused by flying glass or other debris. Other injuries include puncture wounds caused by exposed nails, metal or glass, as well as bone fractures. To protect yourself and your family:

  • If you are staying at home, do not go outside. Remember the "eye of the storm​", or calm period during the storm, can pass quickly, leaving you exposed to hurricane conditions.
  • Monitor the radio, television or Web for updates​.
  • Stay away from all windows
  • and exterior doors.
  • Turn off all utilities​.
  • Prepare to evacuate​ if your home is damaged or if you are told by emergency personnel to leave.


If told to evacuate​, do so immediately. Follow posted evacuation routes. Review your evacuation plans with family members and friends so they will know how to reach you after the storm.

Emergency Info

National Weather Service
National Hurricane Center
American Red Cross
Federal Emergency Management Agency