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What to do in the Event of a Death

We recommend that you print this page and keep it in a safe place.

Prior to death, you should keep all of the following in a place that is known to your immediate family members:

  • All life insurance/annuity policies
  • Telephone numbers of the insurance companies
  • Your will
  • Any financial instructions
  • Your maintained medical history, including doctor's names and dates of visits (An insurance company may ask you for this information.)

After a death has occurred:

  • A close family member should request five to ten certified copies of the death certificate from the funeral director. Each life insurance company will request a certified copy of the death certificate. Your bank and Social Security Administration may also need this document.
  • If family members are not sure where the deceased may have had life insurance policies, review the checkbook of the deceased to determine if any checks were written to insurance companies.
  • Call each insurance company to report the claim. You will be carefully guided through the steps need to settle a life insurance claim.

A close family member of the deceased should not make any immediate, life-changing decisions. Grieving takes time.

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