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Amica $75,000 Community Challenge surpasses goal


LINCOLN, RI – The Amica $75,000 Community Challenge, a month-long charity event partnering Amica Insurance with the Rhode Island Community Food Bank, United Way of Rhode Island and Crossroads Rhode Island, ended on Feb. 15. It raised approximately $162,000, surpassing the initial goal of $150,000.

The Challenge encouraged people and businesses in the community to make donations to the three charitable organizations from Jan. 14 through Feb. 15. Amica guaranteed to match those donations, dollar for dollar, up to $25,000 per charity. The charities were chosen with three basic human needs in mind: food (Rhode Island Community Food Bank), heat (United Way of Rhode Island) and housing (Crossroads Rhode Island).

“We’re proud to have worked with these three outstanding organizations to make a difference in the community,” said Vince Burks, communications director at Amica Insurance. “Thanks to everyone who donated during the Challenge – your generosity is greatly appreciated during these difficult economic times.”

Representatives from all three charities echoed that sentiment.

“The Amica Challenge came at a time of great need for the Food Bank,” said Andrew Schiff, CEO of the Rhode Island Community Food Bank. “Our member agencies are serving more than 66,000 Rhode Islanders every month – the need for food assistance has never been greater. I know this Challenge inspired a lot of people to make charitable contributions to help hungry Rhode Islanders.”

“The cold and snowy winter has strained people’s ability to keep warm,” said Tony Maione, president and CEO of United Way of Rhode Island. “Amica’s generosity has provided us with a way to help keep many families warm this winter, and we are glad to have met the Challenge.”

“Thanks to the Amica Challenge, we doubled our donations, which will enable us to serve the increasing number of homeless families and individuals during a time of the year when the need is greatest,” said Anne Nolan, president of Crossroads Rhode Island. “We’re grateful to Amica for their generosity and commitment to community, and for caring about the needs of our neighbors who are less fortunate.”

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