In Your Community

Charitable Grants

Amica Companies Foundation supports qualified, federal tax-exempt 501(C)3 organizations, as defined by the Internal Revenue Service Code. Grants are generally restricted to community-based organizations serving Rhode Island residents.

Funding Restrictions

Amica does not fund organizations that discriminate based on age, race, color, sex, religion, national origin, disability, family status, receipt of public assistance or sexual orientation.

Application Procedure

1. Make sure ALL of the following requirements are met:

  • Your organization is a federal tax-exempt 501(C)3 organization, as defined by the Internal Revenue Service Code
  • Your organization is community-based and serves Rhode Island residents

2. Gather all the necessary documents:

  • Brief description of the organization and its goals, objectives and role in the community
  • Cover letter summarizing the key points of the proposal and the amount of the request
  • List of the members of the organization's board of directors
  • Copy of the organization's Federal IRS 501(C)3 letter of determination

3. Submit your proposal

Apply by email

The easiest way to apply is to email your complete proposal to:

Be sure to attach the required documents.

Apply by mail

Email proposals are preferred, but if you choose to apply by mail, send a complete proposal to:

Amica Companies Foundation

100 Amica Way

Lincoln, RI 02865

4. Review Process

The review process can take up to eight weeks. Due to the volume of inquiries we receive, we are not able to personally respond to every request. You will be notified only if your request has been approved.