Future Leaders Program

Leadership Opportunities

Amica's leadership opportunities offer extensive training, on-the-job experience, career development, and a professional network of support to assist you in succeeding. We'll reward your hard work through our promote-from-within philosophy; performance-based raises and solid guidance to help you achieve your goals. We offer equal opportunity for advancement in both our Sales and Client Services and Claims Departments.

Sales and Client Services


Future Leaders Training Program

Our Program

Associate Adjusters and Associate Account Managers begin their career with Amica with a seven-week paid training program at our corporate headquarters in Lincoln, Rhode Island. New hires will develop an understanding of our company culture, our strong focus on customer service, learn about our products, services and systems, and also network with Amica's leadership team.

Promote-from-within Philosophy

An important part of our training program is explaining Amica's commitment to promote from within. This means that Amica looks within our current talent pool to move employees up the corporate ladder. As entry-level managers progress in their careers and relocate to different areas of the country, they experience diverse claims or sales environments and different size offices that will develop the skills and experience necessary for them to become leaders. Amica sees mobility as an organizational strength and prefers that management-track employees remain mobile to create the best career opportunities for them and for the company.


New Trainee Relocation Program

Amica is committed to assuring a smooth transition for our relocating employees. We offer one of the most comprehensive and generous relocation programs nationally for new hires and trainees. In addition, two seasoned relocation coordinators are on site and ready to assist in managing your relocation. We understand the stress and commitment associated with making this type of career decision. Applicants are encouraged to contact us to discuss their specific relocation concerns.

Eligibility for relocation program

The relocation program is applicable for those employees hired or selected as entry-level managers or above who meet the time and distance test to qualify for a moving expense deduction under IRS regulations.

The following is an overview of our relocation benefits:

  • Movement of personal belongings
    We provide reasonable moving expenses from primary residence using a commercial van line or the use of rental truck, and shipment of small items via UPS, if necessary. Shipment of personal car will be considered.
  • Transportation to new location
    We help with transportation of employee and immediate dependents to new location. If a personal car is used, reimbursements include mileage, tolls, parking, meals and hotel costs while in transit (receipts are required).
  • Temporary living expenses at destination
    We provide up to 30 days lodging in a fully-furnished apartment.
  • Renter reimbursements
    We reimburse you for a lease-breaking fee (typically reimbursement of lost security deposit) , apartment search and/or roommate search fee, with prior approval, and $2,000 for miscellaneous expenses.
  • Homeowner reimbursements
    We reimburse up to $3,000 in sales- or purchase-related expenses and $4,000 for miscellaneous expenses.
  • Other
    We offer assistance for spouses who were employed full time and had to terminate employment due to relocation. Job search assistance includes a $1,500 severance check and up to $250 for recertification and/or licensing fees.

    We have rental car reimbursement for those who qualify, which includes up to two weeks use of rental car at either origination or destination while personal car is being transported or while personal car is being purchased.